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February 26, 2009


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David Moore

It happened to me, just this morning. I had a local contractor that blew me off and is using a printer in Greenville. All for about .02 cents per postcard and about a 3% total cost difference.

This is exactly what I am talking about. The worst part is he never gave me the opportunity to counter just to keep the business. I don't think I would have, there are other details that would have come into play though.

Friends buy from friends. I consider this contractor a friend. But, Kinston listen up. I NEED your business and so do all other small business owners in town. Give us the opportunity to compete.


David Moore

Follow up to the contractor. I have really stepped in it. I have "pissed" him off. That's my word, not his. But he was offended by an email I sent explaining why I was upset about losing the business. So that business is likely gone for good. But maybe it will bring to light how critical this issue is for the survival of local small business. But he is a friend (or was). I hope I have the opportunity to explain.

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